Hmm – it is another lovely, sunny morning here, and I am enjoying it.  But I am a little reluctant to make it my One Positive Thing, as I did yesterday, because we had an enormous downpour yesterday after I had posted it as a Positive Thing.  Causal link?  Who knows. <grin>

But just to be on the safe side, I shall choose a different Positive Thing for today – and that is my beautiful firstborn son, who is 19 years old today (in fact, I was still in labour 19 years ago, with about half an hour to go before his arrival after 37.75 hours of labour).  I am very proud of him – he’s done well at school, and already has a place at university to read law – based only on his Highers results – we don’t yet know his Advanced Highers results (they come out today, but we won’t know his until he gets home from his day out at Unit Skate Park in Dumbarton with his friend – he has forbidden us to open them the meanie).  Looking at him, I think I have done a pretty good job as a mother – and that is definitely a Positive Thing worth celebrating here.

Hmm – it is ano…


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