A roundup of the days I have missed.


A combination of the blues, and technical issues have kept me from blogging since the 24th.  Our family PC has been refusing to find the internet, even when directly connected by cable to the modem, and my iPad has Issues with wordpress, and often refuses to post to my blog – it will let me type in an entry, but will then either lose the Publish Post button altogether, or will show it, but refuse to respond to it.  And being somewhat blue over the weekend, I didn’t want to go to the faff of typing in a blog post on the iPad, only to be unable to post it.

I had my penultimate group psychotherapy session on Thursday, and it went well, I think.  I still feel positive about my decision to leave the group – I feel I have come as far in that setting as I am going to come, and it is time for me to move on on my own.  What is lovely is that there are people in the group who want to keep in touch, when we have all left, so there will be ongoing support there – and friendships too, I hope.

But despite the blues, and not sleeping too well, I did have a good weekend, with plenty of Positive Things to record.  Saturday was a fairly quiet day – N and I went up to Braehead shopping, and I not only found a book I have been waiting for in paperback – The Soldier’s Wife, by Joanna Trollope – but I also found a new Rebecca Shaw Turnham Malpas book that I didn’t even know was in the pipeline – so happy Ellie.  And I also treated myself to a couple of new nail polishes – and branched out a bit with one of the colours!  I’ve gone for a NYC turquoise nail polish – it looks almost jade in the bottle but is lighter on, and does need several coats, but it is very WOW!  And what is more, it is an on-going Positive Thing, because it is yet to chip, which is little short of miraculous!!

Sunday saw us back at Braehead again, looking at PCs – N having decided that the current one was on its last legs.  He found one that doesn’t have huge amounts of memory, but does have a very fast processor, which is better – and having the iCloud, we don’t need huge amounts of memory.  He’s also succumbed and bought himself a Blackberry Playbook – I think my iPad has shown him the value of a tablet, and as he has a Blackberry from work, it makes sense for him to have the Playbook – and it is nice to see him treat himself to something, for a change – he is very hard to buy presents for, as he always says he doesn’t need or want anything.  But he works so hard, he deserves a treat sometimes.

Monday was like the curate’s egg – good in parts.  The weather was dire – it rained so hard that the putting green outside the clubhouse (where the knitting group meets) was becoming a lake by the time we left, and the course had been shut too.  The knitting group itself was fun, as usual – I feel so welcome and included in that group, and enjoy the time I spend with those lovely people so much – this is probably the best part of the entire week for me.  And to cap it off, I finished the scarf I was knitting out of the purple Debbie Bliss Andes yarn, and the multicoloured silk Collinette yarn – and it looks very beautiful, as you can see here:

….or not.  Apparently my technical issues are not totally resolved, and I can’t insert a photo, so I will have to wait and put it in as and when the computer decides to cooperate!  < sighs >

Coming home from knitting group was quite hairy, due to the rain.  I was warned that the road out of the village was flooded, but as other cars were going that way, I decided to chance it – and it was pretty stunning!  Luckily my decision didn’t backfire, and I didn’t drown the car, but the water was deeper for longer than anything I have previously encountered when driving.  I took some photos, whilst I was waiting for my turn to drive through the worst of it, and when technical issues permit, I will post one of them on here too.

My treats for the afternoon were typing up a set of committee minutes for the chamber choir I’m in – I have a bad habit of volunteering for committees – I feel guilted into it when no-one else volunteers, but it irritates and annoys me that so many people are willing to sit back and let the same few people do the work on things like this.  Anyhow, I am Minutes Secretary, but hadn’t got round to typing up and circulating the minutes of the last meeting – and as there was a meeting on monday evening, I was on a bit of a deadline.  Thankfully it didn’t take too long, as I also had to take No2 son to the orthodontist – where I took one look at the rain and sent him off on his own for the appointment (at 17, he is more than capable), and stayed in the car, playing with my phone – apparently the orthodontist said he didn’t blame me at all!

On the way home, I had an attack of laziness, and stopped at Asda for pizzas for tea – I just didn’t have the energy or motivation to cook – and I as I had to buy a new printer cartridge, it was so tempting to just buy something to shove in the oven – and I can resist anything except temptation !!

At the committee meeting, I gave in my notice – the AGM is coming up, so they can find someone to replace me.  I do feel guilty, though, because the secretary was wanting to leave too, but probably won’t be able to, because I’m going – but that is pretty arrogant of me because I am not irreplaceable.  Under the guilt, though, is relief – and a bit of pissed-off, because someone made a couple of little digs about my decision, and the way I had done the committee jobs I’ve had over the years.

Tuesday – still sleeping badly, and having broken sleep – especially as N and No2 son went off to Aberdeen for a university open day, and had to leave at about 5am – a real shock to the system for them, less so for me as I did go back to sleep!  I sleep best in the early hours of the morning, on into the later hours of the morning, if I am honest.  Jenni Murray and Woman’s Hour do their best to wake me up, but by that point, I find it almost impossible to drag myself out of sleep and dreams.

But when I did get up, the day was ok – not brilliant, because I was still sort-of hungover from the bad night’s sleep and then sleeping in for over half the morning.  And I didn’t really do very much with the day – apart from making sure I typed up the minutes of the previous night’s committee meeting – this time I was not going to leave them until the last moment!  Irritatingly, though N had fixed it over the weekend, the family PC managed to lose the internet again, so I had to wait until N got home and fixed it again before I could show off how efficient I had been email out the minutes!

And so to today – it is sunny here in Renfrewshire, and the house is quiet, apart from No2 hound barking at people who have the temerity to drive up their own drives, or walk past our house – or even, how dare they, walk up to our house for such nefarious activities as delivering the post!!  We are working on training her out of barking at absolutely everything as it can get a bit trying – and we clearly haven’t succeeded yet!

I slept badly again last night, and slept in this morning too, but I have had a shower, and almost a pint of strong coffee, and have completed a tricky killer sudoku, and found the big word in the Times polygon puzzle, so my brain is clearly functioning.  And I started a new book this morning, by Debbie McComber – an author I always enjoy – and was immediately hooked by the characters and the story.  Reading should definitely be one of my most Positive Things – I suppose it is a form of escape, but I have always loved books and reading.  I could cope without tv or radio, but not without books.  I would rather take 8 books to my Desert Island, and only a couple of records – though 8 books wouldn’t last me very long at all – I read fast!

I think that brings us up to date – and I will try not to leave it as long before the next post – technology permitting!



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I'm in my late forties, mum of three teenage boys, living near Glasgow. I've been a nurse, studied politics and music at university, and now I am a stay-at-home mother. I've suffered from depression for many years (only recently diagnosed), and take antidepressants daily to keep me on a manageable level.

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