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Clean house, good friends and a visit from my mother-in-law – life is good.







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My second crocheted mini-hug, which will be going to Yorkhill Hospital, to be a comfort blanket for a sick child.  I loved making this, and am really pleased with the results – and more pleased that it is going to a good cause!

Starting with the positives – I have been pretty industrious today, by my standards!  The downstairs has been vacuumed, and I have mopped the kitchen, utility and dining room floors.  Supper (beef and orange casserole) is in the oven, and the veg are peeled and ready to cook.  I have tidied (a bit), and remembered to wrap N’s birthday presents for tomorrow.  All this industry is in honour of my mother in law – a lovely lady – who is arriving in just under an hour.  I really enjoy spending time with her, and always look forward to her visits.  But I do feel as if I have to buck up my usually lax domestic standards when we have visitors.  Not that she’d judge me, but I’d judge me, if you know what I mean.  She’d rather roll up her sleeves and help me than have me fret about the cleaning – but I can’t break myself of the habit of cleaning up before she gets here!

I was going to open this post with a bit of a whinge about how my cold is still hanging on, and I am feeling tired and snotty, but I didn’t.

I have some wonderful on-line friends, from mumsnet.  They read this blog sometimes, and I just want them to know how much I love them, and value their friendship, and the genuine caring they give so freely.  I am so happy to be a part of our group.  Who knows – you might even be helping me towards sanity (steady on there)!


Feeling poorly and struggling to be positive.


My darling youngest son has given me his cold, and I am feeling very sorry for myself indeed.  I had to miss knitting group yesterday, and choir rehearsal too.  It has been a struggle, as the title says, to find things to feel positive about, especially when someone has sandpapered my throat, filled my head with concrete, and given me convulsive sneezes that are seriously testing my already-hopeless pelvic floor!

The one positive thing has been the family, and how they have cared for me.  N cooked dinner on sunday, and made yesterday’s bolognaise sauce too, before leaving to go to London, as he had an early meeting yesterday.  Once he’d gone, the boys were left to look after me, and they have been very good too, especially No2 son, who made sunday’s supper (flinging stuff in the oven, but still..), and made Monday’s supper too.  No3 son has been very sympathetic too, in between gloating having infected me with his cold (gloating in fun, not seriously).

Nearly daily. [blush]


Yesterday was a good day – I got things done.  It sounds daft, but I feel positive about getting things through the wash, tidying up the chair in the bedroom where I dump all my clothes, and making a truly delicious chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pie for supper.  And there’s enough pie left for supper on Saturday too – result!

I used the food processor to make the pastry – and that was a revelation.  It was quick and easy, and made good pastry!  I was feeling under the weather, though, so didn’t manage to do anything creative with the leftover pastry – no jam tarts – but that’s not a big issue, and I am not going to let it bug me.

Today didn’t start well, as I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 5am.  I had been sleeping so much better recently, and last night was a real downer.  But I still managed to get up and get something useful done – something I have been meaning to do for a while – washing a number of my tops that have got mysterious grease marks on them – treated with the special stain devil stuff for greasy marks – so hopefully they will all be back to pristine soon.

I have decided to be proud of the fact that I achieved this despite a poor night’s sleep.  And that is a Positive Thing – focussing on the good not the bad.

Hmm – not quite every day, then…


I need to get back to writing this blog daily, if at all possible.  I think I have slipped back into focussing on more negative aspects of life, and that is not a good thing for me.

That said, there have been Positive Things that I have noticed and patted myself on the back for.  I managed to do some tidying and clearing out that has been bugging me for weeks – you can now see the utility room worktop and draining board, and the dining room is no longer home to several carrier bags of fabric and other craft stuff – and what is more, I have tidied out some storage and found proper places for said fabric and craft stuff to live.  It is infuriating that things don’t stay tidy for very long – not with a husband and two teenagers in the house – but it is a huge positive that I managed to do them at all, so I am going to be pleased with that.

I’ve also been doing more crochet and knitting – I’ve finished another crocheted blanket for the Mumsnet Mini-hugs, and I’ve finished knitting a little sheep for N’s christmas stocking.  It’s actually a pattern he saw a couple of years ago, and asked me to knit for him, but I never got round to it and he’s forgotten all about it – so it will be a nice surprise, I think.  I’ll put a picture of the sheep on here when he’s finished, but for the moment, here’s a picture of the little blanket.


The wonderful people in my life.


Two candles are burning on my desk, as my thoughts and prayers are with cupofteaplease – a mumsnetter – whose lovely daughter Beatrice died last week, aged 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old.  Today she is being laid to rest.  Mine are not the only candles burning in memory of this lovely girl, nor is my heart the only one full of love for her family – many mumsnetters have prayed for Bea and her family throughout her life, and are praying for them now too.  

And this is my positive thing for the day is how wonderful people are – the way people can, and so often are, loving and caring even towards people they have never met.  Mumsnet is not perfect – it is made up of human beings so how could it be perfect – but it shows how people can reach out to others in love, how, even on the interweb, a community can form.  I am so lucky to know these people – I have received support from them, been accepted by them, been able to reach out and help others through the community and my life has been immeasurably enriched as a result.

It’s not restricted to the internet either.  This week I met up with a friend who I made through the counselling group I attended.  We met for coffee, and spent over 2.5 hours talking and laughing together.  I know I can ring her if I am going through a dark or difficult patch, and she knows the same about me.  She is a true blessing in my life.

The knitting group has brought other blessings into my life – like the lovely lady who told me to look up Positive Affirmations on the net, and to use them.  And she gave me one on the spot – If I can walk alone, I can go anywhere.

So people are my Positive Thing for the moment – their caring, loving, thoughtful presences in my life.