Monthly Archives: December 2012

Yesterday – a happy birthday, today, a poorly son.


My lovely husband N was 49 yesterday, and we had a good day together.  It was lovely that his mum was here too – and she took the two of us out for lunch at a local new deli-cafe, where we all had poached eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce, and crispy bacon – yummy!  Then she and N took the dogs down to the beach at Stevenston, where a good time was had by all, whilst I stayed at home and made pavlova and sweetened chestnut puree, to do mont blanc pavlova for his birthday dessert.

It is lovely having my mother in law here – we get on very well, and I do so enjoy talking to her, and sitting and knitting with her too.  She’s going to come to knitting group tomorrow – she loves it because they are so friendly, and they love having her there too.

Sadly this morning started in the wee small hours with No2 son being sick and having diarrhoea. He’s still poorly this morning, and not keeping much down at all.  I am worried that this is norovirus and will sweep through the household.  I’m especially worried about MIL getting it, as she had very major surgery for cancer, and I would hate for her to get this illness as I think it would really set her back, even though it is quite a while since her surgery.  We are going to go in for lots of hand washing and antibacterial hand gels, I think – in the hopes of staving off cross infection.  So that isn’t terribly positive, especially for poor old No2 son, who was pale and shaky when he came downstairs earlier.  I’ve packed him back off to bed – that’s the best place for him, I’m sure.