A sneaky lie-in, but totally not my fault! [grins]


Despite having had to drive up to Glasgow last night, and the consequent lateness of my bedtime, I did manage to get up by 8.45am today, but whilst I was in the bathroom, N came upstairs with both dogs and a mug of coffee for each of us, so he could come back to bed for a while, and I was not strong enough to resist, Gentle Reader.  I went back to bed, and cuddled a dog, and drank my coffee, and didn’t get up until an hour past my goal time.

But I am not going to fret about it, or see it as a failure.  In the past, I have been far too good at seeing things I’ve not done or not done well enough (in my eyes) as failures, and building up a litany of failure has fed the depression.  I have known this for ages, and have tried to stop this harmful self-criticism – and this morning is going to be a small victory in that battle.  So I didn’t get up by 8.45am – so what.  I enjoyed some time with my husband, and that is no bad thing, especially as it has been quite stressful, having him away so much at the moment.

I’m posting a couple of pictures here – one is the part-embroidered felt picture I was working on yesterday – I am so pleased with it, and am looking forward to doing more to it, and getting it finished – I think I will frame it and hang it up somewhere.  The other is the mitts I knitted.  You can’t really see them properly, without hands in them, but my hands were holding the iPad, and the dogs can’t take photos, so I was stuck with a posed shot.  Imagine there is a thumbhole in the side, so your thumb comes out at the side, and the fingers come out at the top – where the multicoloured yarn is.  I did it that way, because the multicoloured yarn is the pure silk yarn I treated myself to last year, and it is so pretty and so soft that I didn’t want to hide it down under my cuffs.  Anyhow – two pictures coming up.


The embroidered felt picture.


Fingerless mitts.


About sdtgcraftygenius

I'm in my late forties, mum of three teenage boys, living near Glasgow. I've been a nurse, studied politics and music at university, and now I am a stay-at-home mother. I've suffered from depression for many years (only recently diagnosed), and take antidepressants daily to keep me on a manageable level.

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