Completing tasks.


Yes – I actually ticked something off my ‘To Do’ list yesterday – I not only vacuumed round downstairs, but I also treated the hall floor with a carpet cleaning powder, to try to restore it to closer to its original colour.  The powder was an absolute mare to vacuum out – whether this was due to the consistency of the powder or to the efficiency (or lack thereof) of my vacuum, I am not sure – but I filled the vacuum up completely, just vacuuming the hall, and it took ages!  To be honest, I am not sure it looks massively better, but maybe when N comes home (he’s off on another work trip – left yesterday at sparrowfart, and isn’t back until tomorrow night), he’ll notice a difference.  It did smell very clean and soapy, so I suspect it has freshened up the carpet, even if it hasn’t made as big a difference to the colour as I’d have liked.

I need to buy more of this powder, and have a go at our bedroom carpet.  Cream was an OK choice for a bedroom carpet until we got two dogs, with black and brown fur, and now it is not as cream as it used to be – even when vacuumed – so I think I will try this cleaning powder there – and maybe because it has a more open pile than the hall carpet, it will do a better job.

There are still plenty of jobs on my ‘To Do’ list – hopefully today I will get to the kitchen, and give that a sort-out and a good clean.  I’d also like to get the sewing machine out and do some sewing – I’ve been watching The Great British Sewing Bee, and it has inspired me.  I currently have the material for some cushion covers and three skirts, and I’d also like to take apart a red velvet dress I made for myself when I was pregnant with No1 son, and make it into a skirt for me – and maybe a cushion cover too, if there is enough fabric.  I have probably mentioned this before – if so, apologies.  Clearly I am far better at planning projects than at actually completing them (or even starting them, to be honest).

I’m also thinking about having a look through my wardrobe, and getting rid of some things I never wear – I have a couple of skirts that I might be able to sell on ebay, which would be good, and the rest can go to the charity shop.  It would be a good idea to make some more room in there before I make myself four new skirts!

I also did some knitting yesterday – whilst watching the Sewing Bee – and that is a positive thing too, because I haven’t been doing much (or indeed, any) work at home on the cream tunic, and that’s a shame because it is aran weight wool, so it does grow fast, when I do actually work on it, and I think I could get it finished quite soon, if I got my finger out.

The last two balls of yarn for my crochet scarf arrived yesterday – a warm, deep yellow, and purple – and the colours all look good together, so I think that will be my next project.  I’m either going to do classic granny squares (with three colours per square) or I might try a flower granny square pattern I saw on FB today, with a Ravelry link – it is very pretty indeed, so if (and it is a big if) I can learn how to do it, it’d be a beautiful scarf.


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  1. Hi! Found your blog via your comments in mine. Great to hear about your knitting projects. I’ve just knitted myself some long fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm when I’m typing. I found knitting a real stress-buster – it feels so good to be creating something, and especially when there are lovely colours involved. I love colour. Brightens everything up!

    Have a good weekend, and do something you enjoy.

    Take care.

    Jackie Charley

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