Oh dear.


Apparently I have type 2 diabetes – developed because of my obesity, I assume.  The GP rang this morning with the results of last week’s blood test, and gave me the glad tidings.  To be honest, I am blaming myself, and assuming that everyone else will be thinking I deserved it for being such a fatty.

Still, the good news is that it is very treatable, and if I lose weight, there is a good chance that it will go away again – so low fat, high fibre, low sugar diet, here I come.  And the cutting down on sugar that I have been doing recently is a move in the right direction, but is going to have to go further – cakes, sweets etc are going to be just for special occasions – though I don’t think I have to be quite as strict about that as I would if I had insulin-dependent diabetes.

It has made me feel a bit blue, though.


About sdtgcraftygenius

I'm in my late forties, mum of three teenage boys, living near Glasgow. I've been a nurse, studied politics and music at university, and now I am a stay-at-home mother. I've suffered from depression for many years (only recently diagnosed), and take antidepressants daily to keep me on a manageable level.

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