Today is a better day.  To start with, I slept well last night (by taking an over the counter sleeping medication, but still, good sleep is good sleep), and woke up feeling more positive.  I have also managed to resist temptation, in the form of No3 son suggesting a trip to McDonalds (to celebrate finishing his exams).  Yes, they do sell salad, but I know full well that I would not order a salad, I would end up with a big Mac meal (full of squillions of calories) – so I said No to No3 son, and am going to have fresh asparagus for lunch instead.

I’ve also had a bumper post today – a book on drawing zentangles, two chiffon scarves to try nuno felting with, and the Diabetic cooking for Dummies book that I ordered – so there are good things in the future for me.


Oh – and yesterday, Coco the brown labrador did her bit to cheer me up by making off with a kilo of flour from the kitchen work top.  I caught up with her in the garden, where she was trying to eat the flour, and was clearly wondering why her mouth was full of glue!  Her muzzle was covered in flour, and so was one paw, so she’d clearly stepped in it at some point too.  Things like this are why I can’t imagine a life without dogs now.


Today is a better day.  To start with,


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