Monthly Archives: November 2013



Winter is definitely here – we have had frost, and ice, and some rather chilly days.  To be honest, I would rather have a freezing, icy, sunny day than a cold, rainy grey day that is above zero.  At least the former is nice to look at!

Things have been going reasonably well recently.  The 30 year reunion with my nursing set was good fun – although I did find it a bit stressful being with people all of the time – in the end I took myself off to my room for a couple of hours on my own, with a book and a bag of sweets.  I think I am something of a loner – I do go out and do things (knitting group, choir, feltmaking group – things like that) and I do enjoy them and enjoy the social interaction – but I do also love being at home on my own.  Maybe there is no risk of rejection, if there is no-one there – and no fear of getting it wrong, and showing myself up.  Whatever the reason, I do find there comes a point where I want some peace, quiet and alone-time.

I have been doing some positive things – looking forward to going to choir practice, getting on with the blanket I am crocheting for my friend’s baby (it is almost finished – and is looking pretty good, if I say so myself), doing some housework – in fact, last week I cleaned our en suite, vacuumed all through downstairs, and cleaned and tidied the kitchen – N came in and said, ‘who are you and what have you done wiht my wife’!  There is still a huuuuge list of things I think I should be getting done, but it is definitely an improvement, and that is a positive thing.

One sad note is that a friend died three weeks ago – I knew she was very ill, but couldn’t go and see her either of the times recently that I was invited to go, because I was harbouring a cold that just wouldn’t go away, and I was afraid of passing it on to her and making her even iller.  But that means I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I did go to the funeral, which was an amazing occasion, and perfectly ‘her’.