Monthly Archives: June 2014

Checking in – day 6


How do I feel?  6/10 – usual physical concerns, but went to knitting group in a positive frame of mind, and had a good time there.

What do I need?  More sleep, and a rest this afternoon.  And maybe a treat!  Luckily my friend from knitting group has made me a cake as a thank-you for a lift I gave her a couple of weeks ago.

I remembered to do the squats too – I am pleased that I remembered.


Checking in – day 5


How do I feel?  6/10 – tired, bit pissed off (slight falling out with husband last night), usual headache.

What do I need?  A rest.

What did I get?  A walk on the beach, and fish and chips for lunch in the fresh air – which was great.  And then paddling with the dogs in the sea, also great.  Plus that is one of my objectives fulfilled – I said yes to N’s suggestion of fish and chips and a dog walk on the beach.  The rest of the afternoon will involve Game of Thrones on dvd, licorice allsorts, ipad games and knitting – pure indulgence!

Checking in – day 4


Firstly, I forgot to do my 10 squats yesterday – I will try to remember today.

Secondly, how am I feeling – 7/10 – tired and a bit headache-y, but that is the norm, and looking forward to husband and No 1 son getting home today.  Slept reasonably well.

Yesterday’s achievements – breakfast and extra fruit – yay me!  On the downside, the house is still not tidied or hoovered, but I did put three loads of washing through yesterday, and sorted the two that came out of the dryer before bedtime into ironing and non-ironing.  If I can work up the energy, I will do some of the ironing this afternoon, whilst watching rugby and Game of Thrones on the tv.

And I just did the 10 squats!!

Checking in – day 3


How do I feel – 6/10

What do I need?  To feel a bit more organised, have the house a bit tidier.

I achieved breakfast this morning, and the extra fruit yesterday – and my lovely Tesco delivery man has just delivered fresh apples, bananas and cherries, so I have no excuses today!  And dinner is a nice, easy one – pizza and garlic bread – so that means I can relax a bit on the catering front.  Which might mean I have a bit of energy to push the hoover round the house…

I haven’t done the squats yet today, but I have remembered them, and will do them.

Checking in – day 2


How do I feel?  6/10  Tired and headache-y again, and stressed from family issues – one son having a major wobble about his choice of university course and wanting to switch (lots of issues there) and another wanting gallons of cider to take to a festival with him – sigh.

What do I need?  Peace and quiet, sit in the sun with a book.  

On the plus side, I had breakfast this morning, so that’s good.  And yesterday I had an exotic fruit salad for lunch, so that was the extra portion of fruit/veg.  I must remember that I have got a little bag of cherries in the fridge, and some grapes – those would be lovely for today’s extra fruit.  Supper last night was healthy – home made teriyaki chicken stir fry with rice noodles (and I have the leftovers for lunch today), and tonight’s dinner is healthy too – spaghetti bolognese – I fry off the mince and drain the fat, and I use lots of veg in it, so it is a healthy option.

I’m going to post this, and then do today’s 10 squats.

I’ve bought myself some treats, and am going to work towards earning them – I’ve got a new patchwork book, and some new yarn coming.  And my lovely friend suggested a bunch of flowers as another non-food treat – I hadn’t thought of that and it’s a great idea – I love fresh flowers.


Checking in – day 1


I have been having cognitive behavioural therapy, and my homework this week is to check in with myself each morning, and ask myself 2 questions – how am I feeling (on a scale of 1-10) and what do I need.

So – how am I feeling?  7/10 seems about right – I am tired and a bit headache-y, but emotionally I feel OK

What do I need?  A fairly gentle day – I’m meeting a friend for coffee and a chat, and then I am coming home for a quiet afternoon.

I am also supposed to be making baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle – one part of this is to eat breakfast each day, and I have succeeded in that today – porridge and brown sugar – yum.  I am also supposed to do 10 squats a day, and when I press post on this, I am going to stand up and do them.  So that is two victories today – two positive things!!  And I remembered them, which is a third.