Sleep – if my body doesn’t rob me of it, some other bugger does!!


That other bugger being N – who was up and about nice and early (hmm) this morning, and emptied the dishwasher before 7am, with as much crashing about as possible, then had a full volume conversation with one of the boys right outside the bedroom door, before having the world’s noisiest shower, dressing and heading off to work. <>

Anyhow, coffee has revived me somewhat, and I have not only cleaned the kitchen, but the chicken for tonight’s supper is chopped up and marinating in home made teriyaki marinade, and all the veg for the stir fry is chopped and ready too – dead efficient, me!

Despite a very poor night’s sleep, I actually feel OK – not brilliant, but probably a 6/10, so at the top end of my norm. And I don’t seem to have a headache yet, which is positive too. And because I have done all the prep for dinner, I can have a lazy afternoon watching tv and crocheting yet more squares. Or maybe some little birds for a Mumsnet charity auction.

I am slightly worried that the way I sit on the couch – sideways, with my left leg draped off the edge – is causing nerve damage. I have pain in my left foot – starting in my little toe and spreading onto the top of the foot – a burning pain, with some numbness too – but there is nothing to see – no swelling or redness, and I haven’t hurt my foot recently in any way that would explain the pain – which, in any case is getting worse not better – it’s spreading further. But it isn’t always there – I can find my toe really painful, but when I touch it, no pain at all. I can’t explain it – and don’t want to go to the GP, as I believe (in one case, rightly) that they will instantly blame my weight, and won’t look any further for a cure than, ‘just lose a few kilos’. But what if I am ignoring something serious?

I think I will leave it for a week or two – if it is no better then, I will go to the doctor.

In better news, my lovely friend Julia is coming to visit again! She’s hiking on Hadrian’s wall over the weekend then coming to me on Monday. It will be lovely to see her again – and hopefully this time, I won’t have a car accident with her on board. The last one wasn’t my fault – the car ahead of me lost its exhaust on the M8, and I had no time to do more than brake, and it ended up stuck under my car – causing a nice little tailback on the motorway. Luckily the police were nearby, and sorted everything out, and there wasn’t any serious damage to the car – if there had been, it would have been complicated, as the car that lost its exhaust just drove off, and I didn’t get the registration. Anyway, it was a fairly nerve-wracking experience, and I think I will not plan to have another one whilst Julia is up here this time – lol!


About sdtgcraftygenius

I'm in my late forties, mum of three teenage boys, living near Glasgow. I've been a nurse, studied politics and music at university, and now I am a stay-at-home mother. I've suffered from depression for many years (only recently diagnosed), and take antidepressants daily to keep me on a manageable level.

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