Monthly Archives: November 2014

Better news.


I got my second lot of blood tests back yesterday, and they were under the diagnostic level for type 2 diabetes – but quite close to it. The doctor wants a third set of tests, in 4 weeks time, and will take a ‘best of three’. But even if the third set do come back under the limit, I still need to start making some changes to my diet, trying to lose some weight, and trying to get my blood sugar under control. This is a stern warning.

In other news, I am about to finish therapy – my last session is tomorrow, and I am feeling pretty OK about it. Life is pretty dreadful at the moment – my lovely mother in law is still alive, but has deteriorated drastically over recent weeks. If all goes according to plan, and if the doctors think she is fit enough, she is going home today, but not because she is better – basically she is going home to die. She has survived longer than her doctors thought she would – and whilst this is good, it is also very difficult, because N and his brother, and the rest of us, feel as if we are in limbo. We know there is not going to be a miraculous recovery, and it is only a matter of time – so we are just waiting for it to happen, to get that call from the hospice or the carers or whoever, to tell us she has died. N is a wreck – he is managing to carry on working, but when he was at home last weekend, he was worrying all the time that he might get a call saying ‘come now’ and he might not be able to get down there in time.

He’s down there now, for work, and he is supposed to be heading back up here tomorrow – but he is not sure if he will. He might come up to see us – and to have a therapeutic cuddle with the dogs – and then go back for the weekend, or he might not – I think it depends on whether his mum goes home today, and if she does, how well she handles the transfer, and how she is, once at home. It is possible that she is just hanging on until she gets home, and then she might let go – or it could give her a new lease of life, and she might get some meaningful time at home – I honestly don’t know.

And in the meantime, I feel that the house is getting away from me – I have always struggled with housework – I don’t enjoy it, and find it very hard to motivate myself to do anything – but that means that the house is getting grubby and the clutter is building up – and I can’t see where to start, to sort it all out. So I do nothing, and it just gets worse.